What to do in unsafe situations?

Every driver will experience difficult driving conditions from weather, road conditions, and other drivers during their time behind the wheel. Gaining truck driver skills and following these truck driver tips and tricks will help you stay safe while you’re hauling your loads across the country. 

1. Make Safety Your Top Priority

You are responsible for keeping yourself, others, and your cargo safe. Don’t let anyone push you to do things that aren’t safe, including driving too fast, going over your hours, or anything else that puts your safety and the safety of others at risk. 

2. Slow Down on Unsafe Roads

Ice, snow, rain, and fog create unsafe driving conditions that require you to be extra cautious and watch your speed while driving. It’s an important skill of truck drivers to learn how to drive safely in poor conditions. A good trucking tip to remember is simply to slow down when the roads are unsafe and don’t go faster than you feel you should. 

Source: http://www.cdl.com