What Is the Best Semi Truck Engine?

Choosing the best semi truck engine is dependent on a number of factors. Your unique situation, needs, and type of work will play a huge part in selecting a truck engine that’s right for you. These factors include: 

  • Type of work: The work you’re doing will help you determine the best diesel engine for you. Longer drives over rough terrain might require a more powerful engine. You should also consider the type of trailer you’re pulling, driveline specifications, and what the transmission and rear differential are. 
  • Size: Bigger is not always better. Small engines can be just as powerful as larger engines. A typical rule to follow is to select an engine with the right horsepower and size required—not desired—to do the job. 
  • Resale: Don’t ignore future resale opportunities. No one wants to buy an outdated or old-fashioned engine, so pay careful attention to resale chances when selecting a truck engine.
  • Short- and long-term costs: Maintaining your engine is a huge expense. You’ll want to carefully consider costs like fuel economy, how often you’ll need an oil change or heavy-duty overhauls, and warranty costs. 
  • Maintenance costs: If you purchase a more popular engine, like Cummins, getting repairs or new parts are generally cheaper. Remember that maintenance costs may include how long it takes to refuel your truck. When choosing between a diesel engine and a natural gas engine, you’ll want to consider how this will affect your operating costs.
  • Fuel economy: The biggest cost of a truck engine is fuel consumption. If you need an engine with higher displacement and horsepower, you’ll spend more on fuel. You’ll want to carefully factor in fuel costs when selecting a truck engine.
  • Warranty: Warranties are expensive, but they help keep you protected. When factoring your warranty costs into your budget, make sure you select one that keeps you covered.

Source: http://www.cdl.com