What is a dedicated route?

These routes are most often assigned to specific drivers who drive the assigned routes and no others. Dedicated route drivers are often regional or local and have more opportunities for home time. They are also frequently reserved for drivers who may find OTR routes more difficult.

Dedicated routed driving is similar to local driving; however, routes for dedicated drivers are normally regional as opposed to local and typically require a Class A CDL. Dedicated Driver jobs typically offer routine miles, regular pickup and delivery times, consistent pay, and regular, if not nightly, home time. Like with Local Drivers, companies often look for long-term employees for dedicated routes as they provide perks that drivers with experience seek.

Dedicated drivers normally work a 40-hour work week, although “weekends” may fall in the middle of the week. You’ll most likely drive the same truck daily. With time, you’ll learn shortcuts and other ways to improve efficiency along your routes, making for more timely deliveries and serving as an ambassador for your company.

Dedicated drivers work for a single customer. The customer maybe a carrier, a company, or a customer of a carrier or company.

Schedules or routes seldom vary unless a change results when a company gains or loses a customer along a specific route area. Look to online and print recruiting advertisements as well as company or corporate websites. Also touch base with area terminals and distribution points, as they may be responsible for hiring drivers working from their locations.

What personal characteristics are needed by a Dedicated Route Driver?

A high-level of interaction with customers required Dedicated Drivers to have interpersonal skills that build lasting relationships. Self-motivation and a customer service mentality are necessary to remain on schedule and ensure clients have the products they need before they sell out.

How much money can I earn as a Dedicated Route Driver?

The average driver salary for a dedicated driver, or a driver of “light” trucks, is highly variable and dependent on the company, driver experience, and area of the country being driven. Annual earnings typically range from $25,975 – $58,542, with the average approximately $37,000. 

What payment arrangements are typical for Dedicated Route Drivers?

Normally, by route, although salary or hourly wages may be paid. Some companies may pay by mileage, but with consistent miles driven, the pay should be relatively steady. Raises and bonuses are frequently offered to those drivers who perform efficiently and establish lasting relationships with customers.

Source: http://www.thetrucker.com