What are some tips for professional truck drivers to maintaining a healthy weight on the road?

Truck drivers face many health challenges, and nearly 80% of truck drivers are overweight. Some reasons that help contribute to being overweight are easy to find: work environment, limited access to health care, lack of healthy food choices and lack of exercise.

Being overweight places drivers at a higher risk for health issues that often result in time away from work, which means decreased pay as well as an increase in the number of truck crashes and increased out-of-pocket health care costs. Obesity is an epidemic in the truck-driver community, and there are limited resources available to help drivers combat these statistics. Drivers are challenged with finding places to park, and this limits their access to food sources. A lack of healthy food choices at truck stops and limited exercise options only compound the obesity problem.

So the question is raised: What can be done about it? Following a healthy diet and consistent exercise program can help lead to a healthy life. Remember that weight loss should not be the goal. Rather, the goal should be getting healthy and maintaining that level of health. Consistency and dedication are key and although challenging, it is possible. One key to improving your health is stay focused and realize getting healthy does not happen overnight; instead, it is a process that takes time. Be patient on the journey to better health, and do not give up.
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Source: http://www.thetrucker.com