What are the best apps for truck drivers?

Many truck drivers supplement their GPS units with additional apps for added features and benefits. There are some great trucking (and regular) GPS apps that help truckers plan their approach, and find great places to eat and rest along their route. But what is the best trucker GPS app? We’ve put together a quick list of the best free and paid apps truckers use to help them get the job done.

How to get better gas mileage?

Though driving America’s roadways day after day affords remarkable scenery and jaw-dropping landscapes, making several fuel stops to fill up your rig can get expensive, especially if you try to increase your speed in hopes of making better time or earning an additional bonus. By following these three suggestions, you can ensure your truck has the best fuel economy possible

What to expect during your first year as a truck driver?

Starting a new career as a truck driver can be both exciting and challenging, as drivers learn to navigate the ins and outs of the job. Though it’s obvious that truckers will be driving for eight to 10 hours a day, here are a few things new drivers should expect during their first year in the industry.

The benefits of truck driving jobs for military veterans

Trucking jobs provide several benefits. One of the most enticing for military veterans is the flexibility with hours. After being away from their family for so long, veteran truck drivers will be able to enjoy weekends, nights, or just days at a time to spend with them. All truckers also have the opportunity to bring their family or pets along for the ride, which your kids, in particular, will love.

Making drivers feel at home on the road

Each generation of trucking has tried to find new technologies to help drivers feel more at home on the road. In the 1970s and ’80s, the CB radio gave drivers a lifeline to the world beyond the cab. More recently, smartphones and social media have provided outlets to help drivers. Comfort on the road can go a long way for a long-hauler. In the continuing battle against the driver shortage plaguing the industry, fleets find that in-cab amenities can be the difference in attracting and retaining quality drivers.