Why adults over 50 are choosing trucking?

Mar 3, 2022

The national trucker shortage has made headlines — and truckers over 50 have noticed. A growing wave of adults over 50 are pursuing trucking, for numerous reasons. 1. Reliable Source of Income Trucking is the backbone of commerce in the…

Trucking trends in 2022

Mar 1, 2022

Trucking, like any other industry, is experiencing changes and shifts sure to impact its future. Truckers and those considering a career in trucking should be aware of the trends shaping the industry in 2022 and beyond. 1. Improved Technology Corporate…

8 Qualities Of Good Truck Drivers

Feb 26, 2022

There’s more to truck driving than just getting behind the wheel and following directions. To succeed in the industry, truckers should have the following traits. 1. Responsibility Truck drivers must follow national, state, and company requirements for safety, breaks, driving…

Use these 5 tips on how to drive safely at night

Jan 19, 2022

As the days end quicker during fall season and darkness fills up the sky, you find yourself heading back to your delivery when it’s usually dark. But if your work shift ends in the wee hours of the morning/late night…

5 Signs You’re Born To Be A Truck Driver

Jan 12, 2022

Truck driving appeals to a certain type of individual with particular interests and characteristics. Though it isn’t a career for everyone, here are a few signs truck driving is the right choice for you. 1. You Enjoy Driving Some people…

The 7 best Christmas gifts for Truck Drivers

Dec 14, 2021

If you’ve got a trucker friend or loved one in your life, here are a few Christmas gift ideas to add to your shopping list this holiday season. Trucker dash cam A dash cam is a great way for truckers…