List of essential items for truck drivers

Here is the list of essential items that every truck driver should bring on the trip.

Shower flip-flops

You really don’t want to stand barefoot in those truck stop showers and get a fungal infection. Do yourself a favor and bring some flip flops.

Sleeping gear

You’ll need a sleeping bag (or blanket) and a pillow. Don’t bother with bedsheets and just stick to a sleeping bag.

Emergency bathroom container and toilet paper

If you’re driving somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with no truck stop or restroom in sight, then these two items will save you the embarrassment of finding a bush and . . . we’ll just leave it at that.

Hygiene basics

Bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and body wash (or soap). 


Gloves come in handy during cold weather; they will also protect your hands from injury.


If you suspect a flat tire or an issue with the engine, a flashlight will be very useful for an inspection — especially if you’re driving at night.

Dash-mounted cell phone holder

When you’re driving an 18-wheeler, the last thing you should be focusing on is answering calls or checking text messages. Set up bluetooth and mount your phone on your dash to limit distractions.

Gallons of water

Ditch the soda for water. Instead, purchase gallons of water that you’ll use for cooking, cleaning and staying hydrated.

Nonperishable food

Buy snacks like nuts, trail mixes, veggie chips and crackers to munch on when you’re on the road. Choose snacks with high nutritional content to stay healthy and energized.

Portable cooking appliances

You’d be surprised at how many cooking appliances can fit in your truck. Check out this post for a list of seven portable cooking appliances.


If you’ll be driving as a team, earplugs can help you sleep while the other driver drives. Trucks are loud and you’ll need peace and quiet in order to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Cleaning supplies

Bring along a hand broom, dust pan, small vacuum, cleaning wipes, trash bags, laundry detergent and a laundry bag.

High-visibility jacket

When you need to stop on the side of the road, a high-visibility jacket will help other drivers see you and avoid any accidents.

First aid kit

Always make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked and has everything you need in case of a medical emergency.

Waterproof boots

As you drive across the country, you’ll experience a wide range of weather conditions. Bring waterproof boots and a waterproof jacket to help you stay safe and dry.

Source: https://www.americatruckdriving.com/

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