How to meet the 5 diesel technician requirements?

If you’re someone thinking about joining the diesel industry, you are probably wondering what the diesel technician requirements are and how to obtain those requirements quickly, so you can start working in a shop as fast as possible.

Although the requirements to be a diesel technician may vary depending on what company you work for and what type of diesel technician you are, here are some of the basic qualifications to consider if you are interested in joining the field.

5 diesel technician requirements and how to satisfy them

1. High school diploma or GED.

Most companies typically require their diesel technicians to have a high school diploma. If you do not have a high school diploma and the company you want to be a diesel technician at requires one, there are many online courses to help you prepare for the test to earn one.

2. Certificate or associate degree.

Whether you do or don’t need post-secondary education to be a diesel technician varies from company to company. If the company you are considering working for does require a college degree or certificate, finding the right school and diesel program for you is critical.

Even if the company you’re interested in does not require higher education, it may not be a bad idea to still consider going to school. Many companies offer higher starting pay to technicians who hold degrees.

3. Specific diesel technician skills.

Most companies you start with are not going to expect you to know everything about the industry, especially when you are brand-new to the job. However, they will assume you possess many of the must-have diesel technician skills.

A lot of these skills are “soft skills,” like being safety-oriented, a team player and a good listener. One way to develop these skills is to shadow other diesel technicians. If you know of any technicians, reach out to them. Otherwise, many companies are willing to have prospective technicians spend time in their shops.

4. Work documents.

When applying, interviewing and ultimately starting your new diesel technician job, you will be required to show proof of your necessary work documents, just like you would for any other job.

The company you work for will be able to tell you exactly what you need, but expect to show proof of things like: school and employment records, birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, work permits, etc.

5. Diesel technician tools.

Most companies that employ diesel technicians require their diesel technicians to provide some of their own tooling. Technicians are usually expected to supply non-specialty tooling while on the job.

Consider buying used from retiring technicians or new with lifetime warranties when purchasing your must-have diesel technician tools.

Source: http://www.schneiderjobs.com