How to keep your dog safe while driving?

Keeping your best friend safe while driving is just as important as keeping yourself and others safe. An unsafe situation for your pet is distracting to you and won’t lead to a positive road experience for you, your pet, or other drivers on the road. Some great tips for keeping your pet safe are: 

  • Use a Seatbelt: That’s right, pets can use seatbelts—sort of. Pet harnesses that keep your dog secure are made to work with your regular seat belts. They keep your pet from sliding around or getting into an unsafe situation while you drive, especially if you need to brake quickly. 
  • Train Your Dog: Riding in a truck can be a new experience for some pets. If you don’t use a harness to secure your pet, you should train them to stay well away from your driving space and pedals. Train them so they don’t create an unsafe situation for themselves or you. 
  • Get Driving Experience: If you’re fresh out of trucking school you need to spend a solid six months on the road before adding a pet to the equation. Give yourself time to adjust to living on the road, and get some driving experience without distractions before bringing a pet along. 
  • Make Frequent Stops: As you work and drive with your dog, you’ll get a feel for how long your dog can go without taking a potty break. Make sure to take regular stops so your dog doesn’t have an accident in your truck. 
  • Keep Your Dog Hydrated: Dogs get dehydrated too. Make sure to bring water for them while you’re driving. 
  • Take Care Getting in and out of Your Truck: While most dogs can get in and out of a regular car comfortably, a truck is significantly higher off the ground. Repeated jumping in and out can lead to a pet’s injury. Help your dog in and out, or provide a device that helps them do it on their own. 

Following some general safety advice will keep your dog healthy and happy.

Source: http://www.cdl.com