How to keep truck cabs clean in the fight against Covid-19 ?

This advice applies to every driver, but it’s highly applicable to drivers operating different trucks, such as those in slipseat operations. Before starting a driving shift, wipe down all the surfaces you’re likely to touch with an appropriate cleaning product or hot soapy water. It may take an extra 10 minutes at the start of the shift, but you’ll make that up with the lack of traffic clogging the highways these days. Surfaces include the steering wheel, gear shift or selector, all driver switches and controls, as well as door handles (interior and exterior) and glass. And don’t forget to wipe down surfaces in the sleeper, too. If you’re on a steady truck or your own truck, take the same precautions, but you may not have to be quite so vigorous as you’re it’s only occupant.

Bedding and linens should also be laundered regularly. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using hot water and advises against shaking dirty laundry, to avoid dispersing the virus through the air. Launder the laundry bag as well, or dispose of any garbage bags used to store dirty laundry.

For electronics such as tablets, touch screens, and keyboards, remove any visible contamination following the manufacturer’s instructions. Consider using wipeable covers for electronics. If no manufacturer guidance is available, consider the use of alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol to disinfect touch screens. But to prevent damage, do not spray liquids directly on to the device and don’t immerse them in cleaning solutions.

Source: http://www.trucknews.com