How to choose truck tires?

If you’re looking to buy new tires for your truck, there are several factors to consider before purchasing. Follow the tips below for choosing the best truck tires: 
  • Look at your existing tires: Do your existing tires have any uneven wear patterns? Are they causing, or caused by, additional problems with your truck’s suspension or engine? Before you buy new tires, fix any existing problems. This ensures you don’t spend any extra money on bad tires. 
  • Truck usage: What kind of freight are you hauling? What kind of roads will you typically be driving on? How long are your drives? You’ll want to buy truck tires that are best suited for the types of jobs you’ll be doing. This ensures you get optimal tire usage and don’t spend additional money replacing your tires.
  • Tread depth and pattern: Tires with a deeper tread tend to wear out faster. Consider buying long-haul tires that have a shoulder rib pattern. These tires prevent irregular wear and tear and allow for better handling. The right tread and pattern will also be more durable.
  • Fuel economy: Many truck drivers are using steer tires that were built for long-haul drives. They’ve found that these tires have better fuel economy. The low-rolling resistance pattern creates less drag on the vehicle and increases fuel efficiency. While they wear out quicker, they do help save fuel.
  • Price: Before you buy new tires, make sure you’re getting a reasonable price. One way to ensure you’re getting a good deal is by checking out comparison sites. These sites compare new tires cost so you can find tires within your budget. Before you replace tires, consider retreading them. Tires can be retreaded up to four times and retreading is significantly cheaper than new tires.

To help you find the right tires for your rig, consider talking to local experts. Ask about their selection. How do their tires handle various stress levels? Do they hold up well on rough roads or weather? Ask about off-road or steer tires as well and if they’d be a good fit for you. Knowing the right questions to ask and things to consider will help you buy truck tires that are a good fit for your truck.

Source: http://www.cdl.com