How to build strong relationships within a trucking company?

What do drivers need from their managers? According to Omnitracs Analytics as reported to CCJ Digital, there are five things that fleet managers can do to make their drivers happy:

  • Build trust– make sure that your truck drivers can count on one another to get their jobs done. If one of your drivers repeatedly misses deadlines or slacks off, address the problem. If all of your drivers are trustworthy workers, then team cohesion is all the easier. Moreover, you need to show that you are trustworthy, as a manager.
  • Be consistent– consistency builds trust like no other. Make sure that you are reliable as a boss, and, as stated earlier, that your employees are consistent in their work.
  • Listen to drivers– always make it known that your doors are open to drivers that have a problem.
  • Create opportunities for recognition– create a “driver of the month” competition, or some other venue for your drivers to engage in friendly competition.
  • Keep an eye out for changes in behavior– if you see that somebody’s mood or performance is changing, take the time to talk to him/her. Be cognizant of behavioral patterns and offer assistance where you can.

Many of these tips are great on their own, but when used together they can positively transform a driver relationship (and, hopefully, contribute to greater driver retention). Consistency in pay, work environment, and other treatment will build driver trust – as, of course, does listening.

Drivers who enjoy mutual trust with their managers and who receive acknowledgement of their hard work through bonuses and incentives will then be more invested in the company and ideally communicate any issues before they become apparent through monitoring.

The most important thing for fleet managers to remember when building driver investment is that it has to be a sustained, ongoing process that is adaptable to changing circumstances and new needs that may arise. Driver trust is far more easily broken than earned.

Source: https://www.ezinvoicefactoring.com/