How do truckers stay warm at night?

Staying in your custom sleeper cab might be convenient, but it’s not always practical to keep the engine running all night while you sleep. So how do you stay warm in colder months, or while driving in colder climates? Some drivers leave their engines on in extremely cold situations to prevent startup issues, and some trucks even have automatic engines that shut off and start up to heat the cab, but for many drivers staying warm during the night in cold weather presents a challenge. 

Here are some great tips for keeping the chill away while you rest in your custom semi truck sleeper. 

  • Get a Space Heater: A small space heater that uses an external power source won’t kill your battery and will help you stay warm during the night. Just be sure to use it safely. 
  • Use Your Truck Heater: Before you retire for the night and shut off your engine, blast that heater and make your sleeping space as warm as you can. It will help keep your cab warmer throughout the night. 
  • Get a Heater Mattress Pad: There’s nothing better than crawling into a warm, cozy bed when the temperature dips. A heated mattress pad can make your bed nice and warm. 
  • Get a Sleeping Bag: When it comes down to it, one of the best ways to make sure you don’t freeze in your truck is to keep a heavy-duty sleeping bag on hand. Sleeping bags are also good in case of an emergency. 
  • Get a Good Blanket—or Blankets: A good down comforter can help trap heat and is warmer against your skin than a sleeping bag. Adding extra blankets or keeping them on hand is never a bad idea either. 
  • Regularly Inspect Your Vehicle: Making sure your vehicle is in good condition during your pre-trip inspections will help you avoid any engine issues that could lead to being stuck in the cold.