Drivers are still facing COVID challenges on the road

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, truck drivers were being hailed as heroes and even mainstream media and the general public recognized the important role the trucking industry plays in our economy and in keeping store shelves stocked with the things we want and need.

Since then things have quieted down a bit. I suspect that is because the supply chain is doing what it is supposed to do: store shelves are once again full and people are able to find the things they need for everyday life.

I want to share a little story to remind people that drivers are still facing COVID-related challenges while they are on the road doing their jobs.

As many of you know, my wife, Letty, and I spend a lot of time traveling in our RV. When we are on the road, we often pull into truck stops. On a recent trip to Wisconsin, we did just that and had hoped to get some lunch at a fast food restaurant on the truck stop property. The dining room was closed, but the drive-thru was open so I walked over there. Unfortunately, there was a sign on the drive-thru saying that they were prohibited from allowing people to walk up to the drive-thru. 

Fortunately, Letty and I had options for lunch in our RV. I  know that some truck stops and rest areas have made accommodations to allow for curbside pickup so drivers can get food, but this little story illustrates some of the issues drivers continue to face as they work hard to keep the goods moving. 

As we are seeing the resurgence of the number of cases of COVID-19 in certain parts of the country, I hope that all of us in trucking will continue to remind people of the vital role the trucking industry — and truck drivers — play in our lives.

Earlier this year, NACFE produced a video, Trucking Through Uncertainty. In the video, Nussbaum Transportation’s Clark Reed, one of the drivers who participated inRun on Less 2017, said: “We are out here doing what we always do. With some minor inconveniences, we are still doing our jobs.”

I think this captures the spirit of most drivers I know. They know they have a job to do and they will work around obstacles to get that job done. I think it is time we thank them again and do what we can to help truckers continue to deliver goods as efficiently as possible during the pandemic and beyond.

So, from all of us at NACFE, a big thank you to the men and women who are behind the wheel of trucks — big ones and smaller ones — trying to make life as normal as possible for the rest of us. We truly appreciate all you do.

Source: Michael Roeth, http://www.trucker.com