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How COVID-19 has increased demand for truck drivers?

According to the National Tank Truck Carriers trade group, nearly one out of four trucks in the country are parked due to a shortage of drivers. Current estimates show the trucking industry will need more than one million truckers to join the industry over the next decade to maintain current demand.

Trucking growth expected to be strong amid recovery

Economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is putting pressure on the freight-hauling sector, and an industry expert said changes brought on by virus-related cutbacks are contributing to a tightening market that could rival earlier periods of growth.

How to maintain the resale value of your trucks?

Getting the best price when selling used transport trucks depends on many factors, including supply and demand, brand recognition, marketing expertise and access to buyers. But the condition of the vehicle also plays heavily into the final selling price. While you have no control over market supply and demand, you can take steps to maintain the resale value of your trucks. Here’s how…

5 must know tips for 2021 roadcheck in May

The annual 72-hour North American safety blitz has returned to its regular spring timeslot in 2021. CVSA has set the enforcement initiative for May 4-6 this year, and once again, fleets and drivers need to be prepared.

How to maintain physical and mental health as a truck driver?

Being out on the road for weeks at a time can sometimes start to feel like an extended road trip, with access to endless processed snacks, no exercise, and caffeine overload. This kind of lifestyle will quickly pack on the pounds and lead to poor physical and mental health. That’s why truck drivers need to pay close attention to what they’re putting into their bodies and how they’re feeling emotionally.

The differences between the eight Levels of DOT inspections

An out-of-the-blue roadside inspection can happen at anytime a driver is on the road. Nevertheless, a DOT roadside inspection is an important preventive measure that protects commercial drivers as well as others on the road.

As a DOT inspection can occur practically anywhere, drivers must always be prepared for it. Understanding the different levels of DOT inspections is crucial. Apart from ensuring that your vehicle is in working condition and you have all the documents you may need, a DOT inspection level may contain specific items that you need to be ready for.

There are eight different levels of DOT inspections. Let’s start from the Level 1 DOT inspection and what driver- and vehicle-related examinations it contains.